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FuzzyNavels.com Announces Human-Compared Vegas Hotel Booking Site

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Exterior of Wynn Las Vegas Casino Resort

August 27, 2013
Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas startup, Fuzzy Navels, LLC, announced today that it has released a beta version of its human-factored Las Vegas hotel booking site at http://www.fuzzynavels.com/hotels/

With over 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, deciding where to stay can be intimidating. Sorting by the cheapest option, most travel sites will show you smaller hotels off the strip or list places that nobody familiar with Vegas would choose. Yet trying to manually limit your search to familiar names takes considerable time and effort, and there's still no guarantee you'll make the best choice.

FuzzyNavels.com solves the problem of finding the best hotel deals in Vegas by having its staff manually assign scores to each hotel then using those scores in comparison to the cheapest hotel for the selected dates.

For example, Jennifer wants a 3.5 star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. For simplicity's sake, let's say the cheapest option is "Hotel A" and the cost is $100 per night. Any travel site will tell you that.

What Jennifer doesn't know, though, is that "Hotel A" has rooms that reek of smoke, the in-room air conditioners are noisy, and the check-in line lasts at least 30 minutes during peak times. Fuzzy Navels does know that. When checking the hotel inventory, Fuzzy Navels also knows that "Hotel B" is a nicer 3.5 star hotel in general, has no smoke problem, and has an amazing pool as well. It's available for $102 per night.

So while "Hotel A" might be the cheapest 3.5 star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip for the night Jennifer wants to visit, "Hotel B" is the best choice for $2 more. Fuzzy Navels presents that as the hotel to book. Quite simply, the customer picks the star level and the dates, and Fuzzy Navels returns the best hotel option via an easy to read chart. Their choice may or may not be the absolute cheapest hotel, but if it's not, it will be within a few bucks of that lowest price. – If "Hotel C" was an even nicer 3.5 star hotel but it cost $125 night, Fuzzy Navels wouldn't suggest it because the cost is too much more than the cheapest option.

About Fuzzy Navels

Fuzzy Navels, LLC was founded in 2013 to create a better experience for Las Vegas visitors through the organization of information and a bit of technical wizardry. With a view that Las Vegas hotel comparison shopping is great for getting a deal but that it takes time to do it manually and can be quite daunting even with star ratings and customer feedback, Fuzzy Navels developed an automated system that completes thousands upon thousands of calculations behind the scenes, so that visitors can simply look at the FuzzyNavels.com site and see the best Vegas hotel choices in an instant.


Fuzzy Navels, LLC
PO Box 400212
Las Vegas NV 89140
Office: (702) 625-3536

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