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Venetian / Palazzo Construction

Posted by in Interesting Observations

High above the gondoliers at the Venetian, a mesh covering hides the construction at the Palazzo

The other day, I mentioned that psychology plays a large part in the wonderment of Las Vegas. From the selection of music to the design of the casinos themselves, almost everything here has had considerable thought put into it.

Yesterday, while walking down the Strip, I realized that even construction projects get that "who wants to see reality?" treatment. Tourists don't want to think about the mechanics of construction or that something is "in progress." And so, with a bit of magic, all appears to be complete.

Looking at that picture above, did you notice anything unusual?

What about now?

A printed covering in the foreground matches the look of the real building exterior in the background

Perhaps the light coming through from this angle will make it clearer.

High above the Las Vegas Strip, construction occurs behind a mesh covering which mimics the existing building

Yep, that whole top of that building is under construction. You're looking at a carefully crafted mesh that covers the scaffolding and the concrete underneath.

Boys and girls, that is awesome. — The only other place you'd see an attention to detail like that is at Disney World.

When you stay at a five star hotel like the Venetian / Palazzo, construction is not going to be one of the things that even, visually, disrupts your stay.

Vegas so wants your experience here to be enchanting that even things like construction virtually don't exist. Now that is amazing!

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