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Sugar & Ice

Posted by in Dining

A creamy drink sits on a red table in front of a blue pool and large waterfall
Closed! Unfortunately, this hidden gem is no longer in existence. This space at the Wynn is currently under construction.

One of things that makes Las Vegas astounding is that you can live like a king on an everyman's budget. You can walk the canals of the Venetian, you can marvel at the literal fashion show at the Fashion Show Mall, and you can fawn over the floral display at the Bellagio without paying a cent. Yet among the amazing royalty-like experiences one can encounter for free in Las Vegas, I've yet to find a place that feels more luxurious than the Wynn.

Walking along the casino floor and through the shop corridors, everything you see is top tier. Boutiques sell dresses, watches, and jewelry with prices that must exceed many people's yearly salaries. And yet, you don't feel unease at being there. It's as though you just happen to know some super rich guy, and he's invited you over. It's incredible how it's so beyond the accessible A sophisticated style is evident outside the entrance to Sugar & Ice yet simultaneously comfortable.

Yet, simply walking through the hotel seems more like you're a "spectator" than a genuine member of the club. I'm going to tell you how you can soak in the pure luxury of the Wynn and feel like you're a true guest of that rich friend, all for less than $20.

Entering the Wynn from the Las Vegas Strip (at the entrance near the Venetian), you walk through the revolving doors. To your left, if you're looking, you'll see a place called "Sugar And Ice." Go inside.

I'd seen it several times myself and not paid much attention. With chilled cases displaying gelato and sugary snacks, I figured it was just one more Starbucks-esque clone with food items that looked pretty but were mostly devoid of taste. And yet, for whatever reason, last month I decided to go inside and look further.

On the menu, next to sweets and lunch type items, I noticed a panel called "Sugar & Spiked." A menu board lists 6 frozen drinks concocted with alcohol and gelato or sorbet For $10, I could get a frozen boozy drink. $5 to $12 is the norm for alcoholic drinks along the Strip and I was in the mood to relax a bit, so I figured "why not?" I ordered the "Cruisin' Coconut" with Disaronno® Amaretto, Malibu® Rum, and coconut gelato. — Yes, it comes with brand name liquor. You're rich friend wouldn't serve generic booze, now would he?

Yet, while waiting for the drink to be prepared, I noticed a waterfall. Yes, a waterfall!

A large arched window reveals people sitting at tables in front of a tall waterfall At the back of Sugar & Ice is a seating area overlooking a huge waterfall, ducks, trees, and a brilliant blue pool. How could I have never known about this before? From the front of the hotel, people can see that waterfall and another one, but people are taking pictures in that area constantly. The best you can hope to do is not get in someone else's shot or shoot around yet another person in the few brief moments you're standing there. From here, though, you can't even see those people taking photos out front. You can have you own bright red table Red awnings above Sugar & Ice tables are barely visible from the front of the Wynn just a few feet from the tallest waterfall while very peacefully enjoying an alcoholic drink for ten whole bucks. That's amazing.

On that day, Jamie and I each ordered a soda in addition to the alcoholic drinks. The sodas cost a resort-like amount ($3.79) but they came with free refills. That made it seem like they were just half as much when we each got a refill.

Finding the hidden treasure that Sugar & Ice held was one of those only-in-Vegas moments, and A tall man-made waterfall is surrounded by trees so we sat and took in the view for quite a while. And a few days later, we returned.

This time, we decided to share a cheese pizza and a Caesar salad with grilled chicken. The food was light and gourmet : the cheese pizza was on a super thin crust, almost a cracker, and had a very authentic taste, like it was made with unprocessed ingredients. The Caesar salad had the just right amount of dressing and was topped with a warm chicken breast.

The prices weren't outrageous either. The cheese pizza cost $11 and the grilled chicken Caesar salad was $10.50. Sure, that's not fast food value menu pricing, but it's not a fast food experience. Sitting next to a peaceful waterfall and feeding the ducks your croutons while being ever so gently misted by the water coming from the breeze is more than worth it.

A thin crust cheese pizza and a caesar salad topped with grilled chicken sit outdoors on a red patio table

Earlier today, I went back for lunch. Remembering just how magical it had been the previous times, I was a little offput by the gal behind the counter who seemingly wasn't connecting 100% today : she was still satisfactory in her job, but it didn't have the "wow" the Wynn tends to deliver.

I ordered a grilled chicken panini and a soda then went outside with my table number while it was prepared. A warm chicken panini sits alone on a white plate on a red table After the waiter delivered it a few minutes later, I thought it seemed lacking of a side dish when I realized that I'd read on the menu that it included potato chips. I went back inside, spoke to a lady, and she gave me the chips. And yet with that interaction, I realized that although the original less-than-100% girl forgot to give them to me, the way the mistake was handled was part of what makes Wynn so special.

At A Typical Place:
   "I ordered the chicken panini but didn't get the chips."
   "Do you have your receipt?" -or-
   "Did you substitute the salad instead?"
As though I were trying to scam them out of a bag of chips or that I made a mistake.

How It Happened At The Wynn:
   "I ordered the chicken panini but didn't get the chips."
   "Sorry about that. What kind would you like?"
   "Plain's fine."
   "Here you go. Is there anything else I could do for you, sir?"

A waterfall lands into a bright blue pool It was so subtle that I almost didn't notice. It just went the way it should go, but when was the last time you had a real, impressive customer service experience like that. That's why people stay at the Wynn. That vibe permeates the entire place.

And now that you know that Sugar & Ice exists and is waiting for you, you can have a bit of that living-like-royalty experience yourself, complete with waterfall and ducks, for just a few bucks.

At Wynn
On The Las Vegas Strip
9AM - 11PM Daily (Closes At Midnight On Friday & Saturday)

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