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Sugar Factory American Brasserie

Posted by in Dining

An illuminated Eiffel Tower rises above a sign reading "Sugar Factory"

You come to Las Vegas to do something different. Whether it's eating at a nice restaurant, gambling with money from your hard earned paycheck, or clubbing until the wee hours of the morning, you want to be entertained while you're here. When eating at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie, next to the sidewalk along the Las Vegas Strip, I was hoping to be captivated by the passersby while enjoying a nice meal. A small two-person table is next to a grass railing by the sidewalk Instead, I was let down on both counts.

After waiting approximately twenty minutes for a space outside on the patio at the Paris Las Vegas Casino, Jamie and I were seated at a small table near a glass railing. The table wasn't just small, though : it was uncomfortably small, yet it was the standard size of the two-person tables around us. Nonetheless, we were happily anticipating being able to sit amongst the energy of the Las Vegas Strip on a Friday night... except that we weren't.

The glass wall and railing that separated the tables from the Strip was at a height which created too much of a barrier. So we didn't feel like we were "in the thick of it," yet we weren't high enough above the people on the Strip for it to seem like we were mighty observers of the goings-on either. The flow of people was just there, neither adding nor really detracting from the experience.

In fact, the restaurant's most noticeable attribute during our meal was that it was extremely noisy. With the sound level definitely being more of a minus than a plus, the judgment would come down to the food. A menu page lists 5 different burgers and prices Looking through the Sugar Factory American Brasserie's menu — What the heck is a "brasserie," by the way? —, we ultimately both decided to get the "Sugar Factory Signature Burger." The menu described it as, "white chocolate bun, shredded lettuce, crispy fried onions, sliced tomatoes, american cheese, muenster cheese, sugar factory spread." It was $16.95 and included french fries.

When the food arrived a few minutes later, the french fries were stale. "Seriously? $17 for a burger and the fries are lukewarm?" I thought to myself. I asked Jamie for an opinion and when the response was, A dining plate holds a hamburger and french fries "I guess they're 'ok'," I decided to send them back. I'm not a "send it back" type of guy, but this playfully marketed place with the brightly colored signs was completely underwhelming me in almost every regard. I wasn't going to "just go with it."

I got the waiter's attention, told him that the fries were stale, and he said he'd get a couple more orders out right away. To his credit, two glass bowls of fresh french fries soon appeared, but the service itself was continuously scattered. My soda glass sat empty for a noticeable period of time and even after I asked for another, it was a while coming. Fresh french fries are served in glass bowls Curiously, I heard one of the other servers ask the table behind us if everything was okay. The lady at the table replied, "well, not really." I don't know what the problem was, but I do know she and I both were not impressed.

The burger itself was uneventful. The white chocolate added a hint of sweetness to the bun which was nice, but the texture was too firm. I wanted something new, something noteworthy, something I could think about later. The taste was just average. Nothing terrible. Nothing great. But this was their "Signature Burger." It was the item they wanted to showcase as their best, View from the street of the restaurant patrons so I can only imagine how underwhelming the other items must have been. I'd rather have had a $4 Double Double from In-N-Out.

When the meal was done, the waiter came by and asked about dessert. I said I'd take a look at the menu since I reasoned that if the place was called "Sugar Factory," the desserts still had potential to be something noteworthy. But the background noise was so loud that he either didn't hear me or his mind was elsewhere. He responded that he'd bring the check. The meal had been so much less than I'd hoped that I didn't feel like correcting him. Perhaps, I thought, he was doing me a favor.

We paid the bill for $47.15 + tip and left.

Wow. Writing it down here, it really seems bad. $50 for two average burgers, fries, and two non-alcoholic beverages.

On the positive side, now that I've had the poor experience at Sugar Factory American Brasserie (looked it up : it means "a French restaurant serving comfort food"), you don't have to waste your money to be less than impressed yourself!

At Paris Las Vegas
On The Las Vegas Strip
Open 24 Hours A Day

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