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Serendipity 3

Posted by in Dining

A menu sits on a table above the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk

A restaurant's first impression usually comes from its name. A name like "Crazy Bob's" conveys a different experience than "Magnificent Marlow's" even if neither tells you what type of food is served.

Fried onion rings are stacked on a metal holder When a restaurant's name is something purely descriptive like "Serendipity 3," you pretty much expect to find what the name describes : the 3rd location of a pleasant surprise. "Serendipity" connotes something splendid, something wonderfully unexpected, but unfortunately for Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace sitting along the Las Vegas Strip, it's not the experience you'll get.

Instead of that mystical, wonderful encounter you're expecting, you'll find a wait to be seated, slow mostly unattentive service, and food that can best be described as visually impressive but overpriced and of average taste.

A crab cake sandwich and fries sit above the Las Vegas Strip The location and the view at Serendipity 3, however, are great. You can sit at the perfect height next to the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip, and you can watch both the pedestrian passersby and the traffic. Indeed, going here and not requesting a table directly by the sidewalk would be a complete waste.

Perhaps if you went here just for dessert, the experience would be better. Really liking the view and not being so impressed with the food, I even went back a second time Looking up towards restaurant from below just to make sure I hadn't had a fluke occurrence with my initial visit. Nope. Same below average service. Same average to below average food at above average prices. — Having gone there for a meal each time, I was "over it" by the time dessert came around. As such, I can't tell you how the large ice cream concoctions actually tasted. They looked nice... but so did the food.

With so many great options, like Sugar & Ice at the Wynn, or BurGR just across the street at Planet Hollywood, A $17 hot dog and sweet potato fries meal is unimpressive I simply can't find any compelling reasons you'd want to dine at Serendipity 3. Yes, it's got the view, but you'll otherwise leave unimpressed, feeling like you've wasted too much time and too much money for an experience that just wasn't good enough.

At Caesars Palace
On The Las Vegas Strip
8AM to 11PM Daily (Closes At Midnight On Fridays & Saturdays)

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