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Bright pink and purple lights run along a mirrored ceiling

In the large casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, it's often a race to see just how great, new, and exiting the next tourist attraction can be. A multi-color neon sign sits atop a single-story building Yet, in a relatively modest single-story building just north of Encore and the Wynn, you'll find a restaurant that delights in the cheesy, yet classy, "strip club" type vibe it's had for decades.

The Peppermill's multi-colored neon on the sign out front (and lining the building's rooftop) may catch your attention going down the Strip, but it's the brilliant purple and pink tubes of light that you'll notice once you make your way inside. Of course, you'll also be enchanted by the faux trees covered with cherry blossoms above the tables and the mirrored, multi-level ceilings. Seating is all booths, too, except for the counter in front of the kitchen, and even the booths themselves keep that A blue and purple booth for dining is beneath a fake cherry tree inside a restaurant lounge vibe going with blue and purple velvet-like surfaces underneath Tiffany-style hanging lights. It's glitzy and garish, for sure, but comfortable all at the same time.

The Peppermill opened on the Las Vegas Strip over 40 years ago, so you'll also find some classic staples of the time here as well, like the fact that you'll be hard pressed to see a male waiter, a female busser, or a gal in the kitchen. Your waitress will even be wearing a short apron / skirt combination along with her flesh toned stockings.

Even the cocktail waitress, who comes in from the lounge next door in her full length black dress, leaves you thinking Two alcoholic drinks sit on a table that this is some place that time forgot. In the ultraclubs and nightlife of Las Vegas today, her dress probably wouldn't even get past the front door. It looks more like one worn to a prom than a "cute, cocktail number," but here it just fits. The whole place is retro chic, like how your slightly eclectic, yet well funded, grandma would design a hip, Las Vegas restaurant in the 1970's.

The food, itself, is diner / coffee shop style (think upscale Denny's) with some Las Vegas twists. You can find everything from bacon and eggs to a turkey burger with bacon, swiss cheese, and a side of onion rings. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served 24 hours a day, A burger sits on a large plate but no matter when you go, a worthwhile selection is the fresh fruit salad plate. Not like any "salad" you're likely to encounter elsewhere, it's a hollowed out half pineapple covered in a A hollowed out pineapple holds other fresh fruits next to ice cream and banana nut bread mountain of fresh fruit like grapes, watermelon, and oranges, and it comes with a side of ice cream and a warm loaf of banana nut bread. With a gang of friends, I tend to order it as an appetizer for the table.

Whatever you decide for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a 2AM unnamed meal, when you're done, you can head on to the Fireside Lounge in the back for a drink. True to its name, a sunken space with wraparound couches Red couches surround a water filled fireplace circles a fire pit where the flames magically come from underneath the water.

Even if you don't have a drink, head on to the back so you can simply brag to your friends back home with Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro on a couch in the Fireside Lounge at Peppermill an "I was there!" the next time you watch the movie Casino. Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro shared a conversation on one of the red couches.

No matter how you end your meal, the Peppermill is worthwhile place on your next visit to Las Vegas. The place is memorable, the food's good and moderately priced, and the cherry trees inside will certainly be in bloom.

At 2985 Las Vegas Blvd (Between Riviera And Wynn/Encore)
On The Las Vegas Strip
24 Hours A Day

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