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Comme Ça

Posted by in Dining

Two beverages sit on a table while cars on the Las Vegas Strip are out the window and far below

One of the newer trends in Las Vegas restaurants is being able to people watch while dining. Whether it's open air and laid back along the Las Vegas Strip at places like Fatburger and Serendipity 3 or inside and higher end at restaurants like Spago or Trevi at the Forum Shops at Caesars, watching passersby provides a constant flow of things to ponder while enjoying the food itself.

Yet while dining at Comme Ça at the Cosmopolitan, you have quite a unique viewpoint of those human conversation pieces : they're several stories down on the Las Vegas Strip below. Cars crowd the many lanes of traffic on the Las Vegas Strip as seen from above Most restaurants with people watching are either at or slightly above the level of the people walking by, and restaurants which tout "a view" are often so high that it's an overview of the skyline rather than being able to see any particular human interactions. Yet here, at Comme Ça, you can watch the cars, billboard trucks, and taxis below and ponder things like, "why do all the cabs have huge numbers on top?" and "I wonder why they don't put ads on tops of the billboard trucks as well."

Sitting at a table by the window, it feels entirely safe yet a bit breathtaking all at the same time, and as your meal continues, you spend time alternating between focusing on the food in front of you and the ads and sights outside the window.

The food itself at Comme Ça, which you may have gathered from the squiggly thing hanging from the second c, is French, and, as such, is more intensely flavored A menu lists items such as five french cheeses and duck confit cinnamon roll than what most Americans are accustomed. I can't say that I'm a fan myself.

For my first course, I had the yogurt. It was described as "vanilla yogurt, Vadouvan granola, and fresh berries." Don't know what Vadouvan granola is? Me neither, but I noticed at the time that it had a spicy sort of "low heat" A jar of vanilla yogurt sits on a plate near a window overlooking the Las Vegas Strip flavor.

Looking up the term now, I see that it's a blend of spices with Indian curry and French influences. It provided a sort of "pop" to the vanilla yogurt, but it seemed exotic for exotic sake rather than pleasing in flavor. At $10 for a small jar, I would definitely pass ordering it again.

For the main entree, I selected the french dip. That seemed fairly straightforward compared to other items on the menu like oxtail Benedict, but the choice proved not to my liking either. The sandwich was slathered with horseradish, and the flavor of the beef was almost entirely lost by the intense bite of the sauce.

A french dip sandwich sits on a plate with a small pot of au jus

The presentation was nice with a small pot of au jus on the plate and with french fries in a metal cup on the side, A massive pile of french fries sits on top of a metal cup but I ultimately found myself scraping off as much horseradish as I could and dipping the sandwich in the au jus just to further dilute the kick.

When it came time for dessert, I noticed a "peach clafoutis" on the menu. A fan of peaches but not knowing what "clafoutis" meant any more than I knew "Vadouvan," I looked it up on my phone to find that it was a sort of deep dish, baked item, in the family of a bread pudding. Yet when the waitress returned and I tried to order it, they were out. Considering that we were literally the first people to be seated for the day, I wasn't impressed.

I truly liked nothing about my food, even the Coke tasted flat, but Jamie thought the red velvet bacon waffle was quite yummy. A red velvet and bacon waffle has dollops of icing on it I had a taste of it and thought it was decadent and intensely flavored as well. And while one bite was tasty, I didn't want any more : it seemed more a dessert than the main course to a meal.

When the bill arrived, I was stunned at just how expensive the experience was. For $27+ per person for lunch, you can certainly find better options. The view was great, and the service was nice, but I think next time I'd just sit outside, looking down on the Strip, and grab a drink from the bar... oh no, wait, the bar drinks are $15 each. Forget that.

At Cosmopolitan
On The Las Vegas Strip
5:30PM - 11PM - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
Noon - 11PM - Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

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